Multi-Ecosystem Platform, the trend of business model

14:41 - Apr 15, 2020  |  
Have you ever heard about a multi-ecosystem platform which is operated and linked together by a separate Token?
That is the idea of ​​SBANK - a multi-ecosystem platform that provides a full range of tools and services for many users.

Besides Stock and Forex, Cryptocurrency is one of the huge and potential markets which are in a booming phase. This led to the birth of thousands of cryptocurrencies. But most of them have no real value and applicability in life. To change this, SBANK focused on the technology platform, to create a huge, diverse and practical ecosystem.

The SBANK ecosystem was built, perfected and developed before the STS cryptocurrency. In other words, SBANK owns a technology platform that has been operated effectively, then STS intermediary currency is produced with characteristics suitable to the existing ecosystem platform and become the transshipment in this closed platform.
We believe that only that can create the true value of STS, as well as determine the long-term survival of SBANK in the fierce and competitive era of crypto.
The ecosystem in SBANK is in many different fields, to be suitable for all users, to create a really big community.
1.  ST9: This is a BitMEX AI trading platform, an ecosystem for the community of traders who are knowledgeable and passionate about Forex, Stock, and Crypto. With the great tools that ST9 brings, users will have the opportunity to become professional traders. Market volatility will be a great opportunity for traders to create attractive returns, thanks to ST9. And STS will make the transaction more convenient.
2. SBoom: This is a new technology platform, attracting technology enthusiasts. SBoom is a fair trading platform, powered by a special algorithm of Blockchain. A fair trading environment is what every trader wants, which gives us a large community of traders who will certainly recognize the value of STS when it is used as a mode of transfer in SBoom. STS is deposited, withdrawn and transferred quickly and economically.
3. SBank: This is an ecosystem receiving the special attention of the community who prefers simple technology. SBank is a safe and smart investment platform, where users can entrust their investment so that our team of traders manage, operate and create a common profit for both sides at a reasonable ratio. Our team of traders has many years of experience in capital management and profit generation. STS will make all manipulations in SBank easier, to create convenience for users when they can deposit and withdraw by STS.
4. SWallet: This is a Blockchain Wallet, a smart mobile app that allows users to store digital assets like BTC, ETH, XRP, ... But unlike other Blockchain Wallets, the storage of assets on SWallet can generate profits for users 24/7. With the same operating mechanism as a Smart Digital Bank, SWallet creates a sustainable and safe profit source that is generated by Arbitrage Trading. SWallet will attract a huge number of communities, as the number of digital asset owners is increasing in the Blockchain era.
5. SMarket: This is our long-term goal, towards a large community, because shopping is an essential need for all types of users. Initially, we will prioritize selling goods originating from Australia - one of the countries with the highest quality goods in the world. So that everyone in the world uses high-quality goods without worry about tax charges or currency differences, we have created a breakthrough in the e-commerce industry. That is changing the payment method for SMarket. Here, users can pay for their goods with STS with extremely attractive discounts.
With these ecosystems, we are confident that the future of SBANK will develop and grow obviously, and this will be a sustainable growth, following the law of supply and demand of the market.
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