STS to be listed on big exchanges: A Potential Future

15:18 - May 10, 2020  |  

Developing a multidisciplinary corporation is a trend of businesses across the globe, intending to maximize access to customers with different needs.

STS - Group Blockchain Solutions And Technologies is a multi-service business group, in the field of "Human Services"
Business segments include:
E-Commerce: SMarket
BitMEX AI Trade: ST9
Provably Fair Trading Platform: SBoom
Smart Digital Bank: SWallet
Smart Delegate Fund: SBank

Besides, the group aims to expand its business into Hotels (SHotel) and Resort Tourism (STrave) in the future.

The highlight of this platform is the way it operates through a separate Blockchain network. Thanks to its fast transaction speed and low transaction costs, STS tokens are used as an ideal means of operating ecosystems.

STS is gradually asserting its value in the world of cryptocurrencies by being listed on major statistical sites and cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. This allows STS to reach the global trading community, expand the community, and grow in value in the future.

Communities can trade STS through the following exchanges:
1. Vindax:
Trading Pair (STS / BTC):
2. Catex:
Trading Pair (ST / BTC):
Trading Pair (ST / ETH):
3. STEX:
Trading Pair (STS / BTC):

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